Although many couples were stripped in front of their spouses to express to them the true feeling of their hearts, they would not be understood. In such an attitude, imagine a mother-in-law unveiled in front of her daughter-in-law saying: “I love this son too much, and it's hard for me to see him leave the house, you take him, but I'm jealous of him.” But, what mother-in-law would express her feelings that way? Nobody opens up that way! A husband or wife often experiences withdrawal from expressing delicate situations to their spouse, and they end up telling them to a pastor. Sometimes, undesirable information ends up being spread to other people, thus causing a crisis in the marital relationship.

There are women who buy things hiding from their husband because they cannot talk to them, men hiding things from the woman because they cannot strip in front of her. Home must be a safe harbor where masks should fall down, where sincerity should be used, and husband or wife should be the friendly shoulder to support the beloved person as “flesh of their flesh and bones of their bones.” How many might have difficulties to face the trial for not using sincerity! Someone can hide his actions from anyone, but everything is clear before God, and it will be revealed if there is no repentance and confession.

The Spirit of prophecy states: “The last great day is right upon us. Let all consider that Satan is now striving for the mastery over souls. He is playing the game of life for your souls. Will there be sins committed by you on the very borders of the heavenly Canaan? Oh, what revealing! The husband will know for the first time the deception and falsehoodthathave been practiced by the wife whom he thought innocent and pure. The wife for the first time will know the case of her husband, and the relatives and friends will see how error and falsehood and corruption have been clustering about them; for the secrets of all hearts will stand revealed. The hour of judgment is almost here—long delayed by the goodness and mercy of God. But the trump of God will sound, to the consternation of the unprepared who are living, and awaken the pale nations of the dead. The great white throne will appear, and all the righteous dead will come forth to immortality.” TSB 90.2

“Whatever have been the little sins indulged [they] will ruin the soul, unless they are overcome. The small sins will swell into the greater sins.

Impure thoughts, private, impure actions, unrefined, low, and sensual thoughts and actions in the marriage life, the giving of loose reins to the baser passions under the marriage vow, will lead to every other sin, the transgression of all the commandments of God.” TSB 90.3

“Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings.” 1 Peter 2:1. Love, trust and truth promote intimacy. This is a principle: There is no intimacy in a marriage without truth. When one of the spouses begins to lie and deceive the other, sometimes, for fear of offending him/her, little by little he/she will get into increasingly difficult situations. That is why Ralph W. Emerson said: "He who utters a lie cannot judge what he has gotten himself into, as he will need to invent twenty more lies to cover up the first." Thus, conjugal life will become a trap of lies, which sooner or later will break in a painful way.

By Adalício Fontes - Portugal