The Day of God’s Rest

While some people have difficulty understanding God’s “rest,” the Bible presents its deep implications. According to Genesis 2:2, the very next significant action was that on this day God “rested.” After the Lord finished His miraculous work of creation, “on the seventh day God … rested.” Genesis 2:2.* We read [...]

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Origin of the Seventh Day

Do you know that one of the seven days of the week is a holy day? Have you ever heard that one of them is blessed? Have you ever read that one day of the week is especially for people’s benefit? Can you say which one it is? What makes [...]

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Imminent Global Crisis

Going back in time a half dozen centuries before the birth of Christ, a proud monarch named Nebuchadnezzar ordered a gigantic statue made all of gold to be erected on the plain of Dura in the kingdom of Babylon. It was 90 feet tall and 9 feet wide! To the [...]

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