"Good Samaritan" Charity Organisation

As often as possible we travel to these countries to see the projects and situations of the needy. The work involves much work, so the combining of many hands is needed to fulfil this noble mission, to alleviate the suffering of those, who often don’t know if they will survive tomorrow. New petitions are always coming in from the countries mentioned above. With God’s help, it is possible to share the funds according to the people and their needs. To help others make people happy and glad and thankful are those who receive. The Bible tells us that God will bless those who give to the ones in need. So, may God bless your donation and those who will receive. Your donation will always reach the concerned people. Matthew 25:40.
Something very important on our journeys is also to share the gospel with the needy to strengthen their faith. We always travel with little presents for the children and we bring clothes, shoes etc. in our luggage to make them feel happy. On this website, you can also read reports from people who have travelled with us and want to share their experience...

Where do your donations go?

- School fees for orphans and children of families without enough recourses to pay them.

- Food for the poor, widows, and orphans (financial support to survive).

- Reconstruction of huts after natural disasters (for example: floods and earthquakes).

- Surgeries, medicine, beds, walking framers.

- Projects for helping people to help themselves.

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