Being a Teacher is a Privilege and a Challenge

by Francis Cabrera | Bachelor of Modern Languages and Education | United Kingdom “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 19:14).” The words of Jesus in Matthew 19:14 have always resounded in my ears. [...]

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Teaching Children How to Spend Their Time

by Oscar Oviedo Lay Missionary I Canada We live in a very secular world. And by secular I mean the view in which we separate religion from civic affairs. This view has led our society to think that moving away from religion gives us the freedom to be more objective [...]

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Take Care of the Environment

by Miriam Bordonaro Master’s in Environmental Engineering | Germany  I recall very well the first time I went to Africa. With some Ghanaian friends, I travelled through the country using local buses. I was once traveling on a bus packed with people and their belongings through Accra, when we passed [...]

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The Importance of Natural Sciences in Children’s Education

by Juan Carlos Rodríguez Soto PhD in Biology | Perú by Marisol Contreras Quiñones Master’s in Biology | Perú Everything that surrounds the human being, including himself, is part of what we know as nature, and natural sciences include biol-ogy, chemistry, and physics. Everything existing on this planet, and even outside [...]

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Someone is Waiting for You

by Edith Hunger They are here, there, everywhere. They walk around us and talk to us. They are the many children who do not know the Savior yet. They have no parents, no teachers, no friends to explain how Jesus gave His life for all children. They are lost in [...]

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The Impact of Luther’s Reformation on Education

by Gabriel Porras “When we think about Luther we think about the Reformation of the XVI century in Germany, his famous ninety-five theses, his courage to stand up to the bishops of Rome and the chiasma that resulted from his protest. But Luther’s reformation has much more to do with [...]

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