Someone is Waiting for You

by Edith Hunger They are here, there, everywhere. They walk around us and talk to us. They are the many children who do not know the Savior yet. They have no parents, no teachers, no friends to explain how Jesus gave His life for all children. They are lost in [...]

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The Impact of Luther’s Reformation on Education

by Gabriel Porras “When we think about Luther we think about the Reformation of the XVI century in Germany, his famous ninety-five theses, his courage to stand up to the bishops of Rome and the chiasma that resulted from his protest. But Luther’s reformation has much more to do with [...]

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My Homeschool Experience

by Makoto Matsumoto “Let’s move to the countryside when our children are born,” my dad told my mom, “and give them a homeschool education.” Shortly after I was born, my dad sold the company and properties he owned in Tokyo and moved to the countryside of Korea. It required financial [...]

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Be a Child with the Children You Teach

by Georgina Quezada Forno I have heard experiences of people who, even as children, knew what they wanted to be when they became adults. In my case, however, I never thought of being a teacher during the first 20 years of my life. I finally realized, however, that I needed [...]

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How to Teach Like Jesus Did

Much has been written about the teaching process; many teaching methods and techniques have been developed, so that our behaviors reflect what has been learned. Well-known writers, psychologists, and educators, such as Jean Piaget, Rousseau, Decroly, Lev Vygotsky, Freinet, Thorndike, Skinner, and Bandura, among others, have written much about teaching. Their [...]

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The First Education Symposium

The word “first” often denotes uncertainty. A baby’s first steps are hesitant. A young person’s first attempt at driving is apprehensive. A first job interview can be nerve-wracking. A first symposium, also, is filled with unknowns. Tuesday, December 3 A hot Guatemalan sun streamed down onto the Colegio Cientifico in [...]

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