Generous Little Hands

by Hellen Castañeda Management Specialist and Tax Administrator, Colombia “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around”. — Willie Nelson It is beautiful to be able to teach children to be thankful to God, because, as a result, they will learn to save their pennies and be [...]

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The Importance of Developing Creativity in Children

By Jasmine Blass Studies have revealed that from week six through the fifth month of pregnancy, approximately 100,000 neurons are developed in the brain of a baby. At birth, however, not all these cells are connected, so in the following years connections will continue. During the first five years of [...]

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Should Children and Young People Learn About History?

by Richard Eaton Master in History | Canada At the current time history is still included as a required subject for students at certain points throughout their journey from kindergarten to grade 12. However, there has undoubtedly been a decline in the emphasis and importance placed upon the study of [...]

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Why Do Kids Benefit from Having Pets?

As a child, I always wanted a dog. I love animals and constantly asked my parents to give me a dog. My first pets were two beautiful parrots, Pico and Pica. Then I persuaded my parents to get me a cat since cats do not need so much care as [...]

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Turn Your Child into a Little Bookworm

There she sat on the first step of the staircase with a children’s book spread out across her lap. The soft, summer breeze had loosened some strands of hair and made them dance playfully beside the little girl’s cheeks. But she did not notice. She was lost in the exciting [...]

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Fun cooking!

Eager-to-get-busy children surrounded by colorful food as well as anxious parents and an expectant general public waited for the “get ready, get set, go” at the Master Chef 2018 contest in Barcelona. The children looked beautiful with their brightly-colored chef's outfits, some even handmade. The tables with kitchen instruments in [...]

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Sabbath school lessons for kids

Women's stories in the Bible and a parallel to the time of the end
Sabbath school lessons for the second half of 2020


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