Never Give Up!

by Caress Prado | Bachelor of Music in Choral Direction | Chile Have you ever had a problem student? I have. Many problem students, I would say. You will find them everywhere, at all educational levels, no matter if you work in a public school or in a private academy [...]

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Sing With All Your Heart

by Berenice Ramos | Bachelors in Education, with a specialty in teaching English I still remember how, when I was little, we visited churches every Sabbath in the towns near our city. Whenever I traveled with my brother and my cousins, we loved to sing hymns—on the way to church, and [...]

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Education through music

Nobody is born a musician! Probably you too have heard people say "I was not born a musician" or "My parents are not musicians, so how can I expect to have musical talent?" Somehow such speakers feel deprived of this precious gift. But it is a mistake to think that [...]

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Music Unlocked Her Heart

"Good morning, kids! My name is Caress Prado, and I will be your music teacher this year.... I want to get to know all of you! Please, tell me your names, ages, and what you did during the holidays." And so began my first day of work as a music [...]

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Shekinah Music Institute (INMUS)

The idea for the Shekinah Musical Institute originated with my brother, who, when recounting his testimony, stated: “In the first place, God put in me the desire to learn music with the purpose of serving in His church and being a light in all my classes. When I arrived at [...]

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