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Lecturas de Familia – Mayo 2023
Yo y mi casa serviremos a Jehová


How Can Family Worship Be Made More Appealing?

This is a common question in most Christian homes. Certainly, linking theory and practice is challenging, not only on an educational level but also spiritually. We know that the religious instruction of children is the responsibility of the family, and the church is only a means to reinforce and support [...]

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Intimacy in the couple

The scriptures in Genesis 2:24 describe the divine purpose concerning marriage with the following words: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." Marriage is a divine institution, and it has among its objectives the procreation [...]

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Threats against Intimacy

The divine marriage relationship must be preserved, and its intimacy kept as a holy vessel and privilege. This communion is a holy and exclusive circle in which no one has the right to infiltrate. When the defenses of the intimacy of marriage are invaded, their strength is violated, and home [...]

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Dialog and Intimacy

An antagonist of family intimacy is the lack of dialog. It is common that over the years, relationship crises, the emigration of children, traumatic experiences in family life, and even emotional states result in the loss of the couple’s intimacy. Therefore, there is an imperious need to restore intimate dialog [...]

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Intimacy in the Family

There is intimacy in the family; an abstract area that it keeps for itself, which we might well call an area of secret. It contains episodes, feelings, failures, memories, and a whole bundle of experiences and family history. The family must be intimate of itself and preserve its privacy. Each [...]

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Intimacy with God

The sense of intimacy has to do with deeper bonds in any kind of relationship. When we refer to intimacy with God, we are talking about a close relationship of love, friendship, trust, hope, and faith with the Lord, based on respect and obedience to His precepts, because "his secret [...]

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