One soul, a brother in the faith of Jesus, was baptized yesterday, on June 10, 2023, in Okinawa, a chain of islands in Japan called “Hawaii of Japan”, Pastor Roland De La Paz who performed the baptism, confirmed on Facebook. Yesterday, the daily temperature in Okinawa reached 26 degree Celsius which is the perfect temperature for a Christian baptism.

Okinawa, the fifth largest island of Japan, has an area of 1,206.99 square kilometers (466.02 sq mi), while the coastline is 476 kilometers (296 mi) long. The inhabitants of Okinawa, called Blue Zone as well, are popular with their longevity, because they live in an area where the people reach a higher age than most others elsewhere in the world. Five times as many Okinawans reach the age of 100 years  compared to the rest of the country. According to the Wikipedia, as of 2002 there were 34.7 centenarians for every 100,000 inhabitants, which is the highest ratio worldwide.

Just before the baptism; a photo from the personal archive of  Pastor Roland De La Paz on Facebook.

Written by Margarit Zhekov