A short time ago, a Christian sister in the faith of Jesus, an isolated soul at biblical age, walked almost seven kilometers from her house in the mountain, in order to reach the train station in her native town Zverino, Bulgaria, to take the train to the capital Sofia and to attend in time the Sabbath worship service in the headquarters of Bulgarian Field. Sister Pavlina Ivanova who was born in 1926 and in October this year will be 95 years old, walked this distance throughout her life until last year which means to get up at 5 am every Sabbath, in order to take the train from Zverino at 6:51 am and to arrive in Sofia at 9:05 am.

Maybe this physical effort to walk from the mountain to the train station of the native town contributed, together with God’s grace, to the biblical age and good health of sister Pavlina Ivanova. Today, she is too weak to walk the same distance and to visit the Sabbath worship services in the church, but she is visited often by Bible worker and minister, in order to be encouraged in the faith and to receive the Lord’s Supper. Today, sister Pavlina Ivanova has great-great-grandsons and great-great-granddaughters – God’s word in Job 42:16 – “…and saw… sons, and… sons’ sons, to four generations”, has been fulfilled for her as well.

Sister Pavlina Ivanova from Zverino, Bulgaria, in front of her house;
a photo from the personal archive.

Written by Margarit Zhekov