After the Q & A session on May 24, 2021, on the subject “Addictions”, a virtual question and answer session will begin tomorrow, on Monday, May 31, 2021, again at 7 am (EDT), the Secretarial Department at IMS announced via email and Facebook. The event will end at 8 am (EDT) and is scheduled to be transmitted via Facebook, YouTube and Zoom (ID 875 0506 4594). Questions may be sent to [email protected].

Some of the best Christian Pastors at IMS, such as Pastor Tzvetan Petkov, General Conference President at IMS, and Pastor Douglas Francis, General Conference Secretary at IMS, shall participate in the session. In addition, Sister Raquel Orce-Sotomayor will participate in the event. The subject of the virtual question and answer session is “The Name of Our Church” and it will surely contribute to the spiritual growth of sincere Christians who will ask their questions, because the initial name of the Seventh Day Adventist Church – Reform Movement is International Missionary Society, but it has not been used in Europe during the Nazi regime in Germany, because the political party of the national socialism in Germany has banned each form of international cooperation.

Pastor Tzvetan Petkov with his wife, Sister Raquel Orce-Sotomayor, and his daughter Anna Petkov,
together with Sister Ailyn De Leon Bondoc; a photo from the personal Facebook-archives of Pastor Petkov.

Written by Margarit Zhekov