The new leadership of American Union at IMS was announced in its January Newsletter 2023 within the article written by Sister Barbara Watts under the title “Résumé of the American Union  Conference”. The newly elected President of the Union, as of the mandate for the next three years until 2025, is Pastor Idel Suarez Jr. Pastor Larry Watts is the Vice President of American Union, while Sister Margie Seely and Sister Enid Tapia have been elected as Secretary and Treasurer of the Union. The Executive Committee of American Union includes the above mentioned officers plus Pastor Pablo Hunger as member.

Pastor Ciro Arevalo was elected as Family Department Leader and one of the three General Conference Delegates of American Union, together with Pastor Humberto Ajucum and Pastor Larry Watts. Pastor Danilo Monterroso, President of Division Latin America, took as well part in the event that was held from December 29, 2022, to January 1, 2023, in the American Union headquarters at the camp of Norman College.

Pastor Ciro Arevalo, Family Department Leader and General Conference Delegate of American Union; a photo from personal archive of Pastor Ciro Arevalo on Facebook.

Written by Margarit Zhekov