It’s with great joy that the Education Department announces its second annual Hebron Sabbath to take place on August 28, 2021. What began as a refuge during the Covid Pandemic quarantine has re-emerged as a fun and challenging opportunity to help children grow in spiritual knowledge.  Please take note of the following details:

  1. The Hebron Sabbath will take place on August 28, starting at 10 am (EDT).
  2. Families, local churches, fields, and unions of various countries should encourage their adolescents and children to participate in and pray for this special event.
  3. The deadline for participants to send in the video(s) of their completed challenges is July 18.  Videos must conform to a ll guidelines stated in the flyer 9see attached) and must be submitted through the Google form at
  4. Music specials are welcome! Please submit all music videos by July 18. Remember to follow all guidelines outlined on the flyer 9see attached) and send the videos through the Google form at
  5. Please remember that all Hebron Challenge material is available in 16 languages and can be downloaded for free from the IMS Education Department at

Video Recording Guidelines

  • Horizontal video
  • No edition needed (please, do NOT touch up the color or gloss; do not use any filters either)
  • No background music
  • Length: 1 min (minimum) – 8 min (maximum).
  • Use best quality settings (if possible HD, FHD or 4K)
  • Due date: July 18, 2021

Send videos through Google

  • Fill out the Google Form at
    Note: If the form is not filled out, submissions will not be accepted
  • Videos sent through Whatsapp or Facebook will not be accepted

Video script outline

Hello! My name is…
I’m from … (show the flag of your country)
I would like to present to you the challenge of…
At the end of the video, please, say: “Challenge completed”

Name your video before submitting

  • Firs name of the participant – challenge – country.


  • Avoid any type of background noises such as screams, music, voices, wind, knocking or banging, etc.
  • Clear background with no foreign objects
  • Record during the daytime and with good lighting
  • Neat and clean place/room
  • Stand no more than three feet from the camera
  • Avoid cameos by any pets, friends, or family members.  Include only the participants of the video in your recording.

Children’s clothing

  • No cleavage, no jewellery, clothes with sleeves skirts or dresses for girls long pants for boys

EXCEPTION:  These requirements do not apply to non-church children


  • Do not use copyrighted pictures or music
  • (No videos or music from Youtube or any CD:
  • Do not use anything you have not created yourself or have the legal rights to use for duplication.