Laura Gamel, the daughter of Anna Gamel and Paul Gamel from Erftstadt, Germany, and the granddaughter of Pastor Alexander Zalozniy from Ukraine, fell asleep in the Lord yesterday, on August 26, 2021, after a road accident, Sister Inna Zalozna, aunt of Laura Gamel, reported on her Facebook profile. According to the report, the 11 year old Laura Gamel was knocked down by a truck on the zebra crossing, when she was coming back from school.

“The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning”, God’s Word states in Ecclesiastes 7:4, first part, and we should pray for the dear family of Anna and Paul Gamel and the family of Pastor Alexander Zalozniy that the Lord might comfort them.

Indeed, even the first children of the upright Job the patriarch were killed by Satan which was the fire test for God’s servant. But not only the children of Job the patriarch who fell asleep in the Lord shall be resurrected for eternal life. The testimony of the Spirit of Prophecy states that “many little ones are to be laid away before the time of trouble”. And the Spirit of Prophecy confirms further the resurrection of the children of Christian parents: “We shall see our children again. We shall meet them and know them in the heavenly courts”. (2 SM 259)

Laura Gamel;
a photo from the personal archive of Inna Zalozna on Facebook.

Written by Margarit Zhekov