Despite the pandemic lock-down and curfew applied by the local government which prohibited visits and physical contact, the Christian church at IMS in Guinea-Conakry gained interested souls via phone calls and messages, Brother Niouma Rene Kamano reported via E-mail on October 6, 2021, about the Christian missionary work in the third quarter of 2021. The good news was that the church in  Guinea-Conakry regained its members via prayer by God’s grace, Brother Kamano added. According to the report, the spiritual fruit was gained thanks to the support of the General Conference at the International Missionary Society.

Furthermore, the church in Guinea-Conakry needs our prayers as well, as the political climate in the country, formerly known as French Guinea, a coastal state in West Africa, is unstable and the members of each church there may hold their Christian worship meetings by sector and district only.

Church members and interested souls in Guinea-Conakry;
a photo from the personal archive of Brother Niouma Rene Kamano.

Written by Margarit Zhekov