Despite of the civil war, ongoing since 2012 until today in this country, six souls, a Sister and five Brothers, were baptized in the Central African Republic on Sabbath, April 24, 2021, Brother Daniel Masumbuko from the Central African Republic reported. In this way, the number of the church members was doubled and reached 12, Brother Masumbuko added.

The Central African Republic, having a territory of about 620,000 square kilometres and a population of around 4.7 million as of 2018, is among the ten poorest countries in the world, with the lowest GDP per capita at purchasing power parity in the world as of 2017, despite its significant mineral deposits and other resources, such as uranium reserves, crude oil, gold, diamonds, cobalt, lumber, and hydropower, as well as significant quantities of arable land.

The newly baptized souls from the Central African Republic,
a photo by Brother Daniel Masumbuko.

Written by Margarit Zhekov