Six members were added to Christian church of IMS in Cuba, while other four souls would be baptized in near future, Sister Anaelsie Portuondo González confirmed. According to the European tradition, the church headquarters is supposed to be located in the capital of the country, however, the Christians at IMS in Cuba have not their church headquarters and they organize their church divine services in private houses. The Christian Adventist Reform Church of the International Missionary Society (IMS) in Cuba has approximately forty members, but only a church member of them lives in the capital Havana, and a group of Christian believers lives rather in the city of Camagüey.

Camagüey, the capital of the Camagüey Province in Central Cuba, known as the nation’s third largest city with its more than 321 000 inhabitants, was founded as Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe in 1514 by Spanish colonists on the northern coast and moved inland in 1528 to a Taino village named  Camagüey. In addition, the symbol of the city of  Camagüey is the clay pot, the so called tinajón, used to capture rain water and to keep it fresh.

The brethren from Cuba; a photo from the personal archive of Sister Anaelsie Portuondo González.

Written by Margarit Zhekov