On February 7-11, 2021, the Health Department of the church will be holding another English virtual symposium.  The topic of this symposium will be our immune system.

We have invited some doctors and pastors to present the following topics.  Here some of the most important participations on the symposium.

  • Vital Energy and Immunity
  • Basic Micobiology and His Resistance
  • The Lymphatic System and Immunity
  • Enemies of our immune system (Pathogens)
  • Humoral and Cellular Emmunity
  • The intestine and the Immune system
  • Our oral health and Immunity
  • The effects of diabetes on the immune system
  • Natural remedies to improve the Immune system
  • Immunity in children
  • Health cognition
  • The importance of nutrition in human immunity
  • The relationship between mental health and immunity
  • Strengthening the immune system and health with physical activity
  • Immunity and longevity