The Cuban Field reorganization was held from November 16, 2022, to November 23, 2022, in Camagüey, Cuba’s third biggest city, Sister Anaelsie Portuondo González, member of Cuban Field, announced. Pastor Roberto Fernández is the new Cuban Field President and Pastor Luis Fernández from French  Guiana attended the event, Sister Anaelsie Portuondo González added.

Camagüey, the capital of the  Camagüey Province, is a city and municipality in central Cuba with more than 321,000 inhabitants. The city was founded under the name Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe in 1514 by Spanish colonists on the northern coast and moved inland in 1528 to the site of a Taino village named Camagüey. In July 2008, the old town of Camagüey was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to “its irregular, maze-like city planning, its prominent role in early Spanish colonization and agriculture, and its rich architecture showing a variety of influences”.

The brethren from Cuba during the Field reorganization; a photo from the personal archive of Sister Anaelsie Portuondo González.

Written by Margarit Zhekov