Online Sabbath School Lessons started in Italian and Dutch in European Division at IMS since the beginning of 2013, the web-sites of Italian and Dutch Field (; revealed. In addition, the German Union already included both Online Sabbath School Lessons and sermons earlier (, announced via Facebook as well. The Online Sabbath School Lessons are recorded via youtube ( – in italian) ( – in Dutch).

Furthermore, the German version of the Swiss Field’s web-site contains two parts – ‘Spiritual Subjects’, including video sermons by pastors like Henry Dering, Franco Caputo and Idel Suarez Jr., and ‘Christian Music’, comprising choral songs and compositions of talented musicians like Sister Anja Schraal, Pastor Yapci Trujillo and Pastor Jose Vicente Giner ( Moreover, the web-site of  European Division at IMS ( includes video sermons by pastors like Henry Dering, Gustavo Castellanos, Yapci Trujillo, Adalicio Fontes and Idel Suarez Jr. In addition, the web-site contains the brilliant speech of Pastor Idel Suarez Jr., defending the truth in Christ about the persecuted Christian reformers during the First World War at the academic symposium on the the impact of the First World War on the Seventh Day Adventist Church in 2014 in Friedensau, Germany (

Pastor Jose Vicente Giner, Youth Leader at IMS, and Pastor Yapci Trujillo, President of Dutch Field at IMS;
a photo from the personal archive of Pastor Yapci Trujillo on Facebook.

Written by Margarit Zhekov