After the third part, carried out on August 17, 2021, the fourth part of the virtual Q&A session in Spanish on the subject ‘The name of Our Church’ will be held on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, at 8 pm, the Secretarial Department at IMS announced on August 23, 2021, via e-mail, Facebook and WhatsApp. Pastor Tzvetan Petkov, General Conference President at IMS, and Pastor Humberto Avellaneda, General Conference Vice-President at IMS, will take part in the event. The Christian virtual Q&A session will be transmitted on Facebook (/ smiasdimorcg and / smilatinoamerica), as well via You Tube (International Missionary Society) and Zoom (865 1050 5136). Questions could be sent to [email protected].

The subject on the name of the church is very important, because, the true believers are mentioned as persons “who keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” (Revelation 14:12). It means that they keep all the Ten commandments of God, including the second, the fourth, the sixth and the ninth one, because “now if you do not commit adultery, but murder, you have become a transgressor of the law.” (James 2:11, second part). It means also that the true reformers do not do rebellion which is idolatry, they keep the Sabbath as Christ, they are pacifists – they also do not practice evil-speaking against the neighbor, because “in their mouth was found no lie, for they are blameless.” (Revelation 14:5). They are really an International Missionary Society, because they have a mission – to testify to the good news and the character of Jesus by their own lives.

Pastor Humberto Avellaneda (the fourth from right to left) among brethren;
a photo from the personal archive of Pastor Humberto Avellaneda on Facebook.

Written by Margarit Zhekov