Literally fiery water flows near the town of Dolni Chiflik, Bulgaria, the Facebook site “Bulgaria Is My Homeland” announced on Sabbath, November 4, 2023, via a beautiful short video clip:

Earlier, on August 27, 2023, the Dutch Nova Television ( revealed that the fiery effect on the water was provoked by a big amount of gas which sprang together with the water. It is scientifically proven that the fiery water from Dolni Chiflik contains iodine – the chemical element which, together with other healing substances, helps people suffering from skin diseases and confirms the perfection of God’s creation mentioned in Revelation 14:7.

The town of Dolni Chiflik, part of the Varna Province, is located near the Kamchiya River approximately 14 km away from the Black Sea coast and has a population of 6706 citizens, as of the 2009 census.

The fiery water from the town of Dolni Chiflik, a photo by

Written by Margarit Zhekov