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WELCOME to the study of the Bible in the ‘Know Your Bible Correspondence Course’. It has been specially prepared to help you “get into” your own Bible. And the subjects you will delve into concern not just your happiness right now but, even more importantly, your eternal destiny.

This Course has three major sections, as shown below. We will be corresponding with you as you progress through the lessons in each section.

Here are the steps to follow to obtain the maximum learning from the Course:

1. Before beginning each lesson, pray for divine guidance in understanding God’s word.

2. Study the material in Lesson 1, especially the Bible texts, thoroughly before attempting to answer the questions for that lesson. As you begin Lesson 1, you will notice immediately that some of the Bible texts are written out, whereas others are not. For the greatest benefit, I urge you to look up in your own Bible ALL the Bible texts given (printed in bold type), whether they are written out or not. Thus you will see for yourself in God’s word the truths presented. Turning to the questionnaire after studying the entire lesson, try to answer as many questions as possible from memory. Then refer back to the lesson material to answer those you were unsure of and to check the ones you answered from memory.

3. Complete the questionnaire for Lesson 1 before beginning Lesson 2; continue through the Course in this way. Feel free to write down questions and/or comments that will help you better understand the Bible lessons. I will be answering you personally.

4. Submit the completed questionnaire.

Upon receiving your completed answers, we will check your answers, make any comments that can be of help to you, and return the checked answers by e-mail.

God bless you as you search His great Book! we look forward to receiving your first completed answer forms!

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