A Christian sister in faith, whom we already wrote on August 5, 2020, Danka Vasileva from Bulgaria, who was born in Bosilegrad, a Bulgarian city that was given to Yugoslavia after 1944, revealed her secret of success regarding her family real properties whose restitution the Serbian state declared in her favor. Like Jacob the patriarch, she said in prayer to the Lord: “If you help me and the restitution would be successful, ‘of all that you will give me I will surely give a tenth to you.’” (Genesis 28:22, last part). As we already wrote, sister Danka Vasileva was the only citizen of Bosilegrad whose family real properties’ restitution was successful.

Today, sister Danka Vasileva wants to fulfill the promise she made before the Lord by contacting the General Conference of IMS and transferring to the church a real estate that would equate to the tithe of her family real estate heritage.

Typical Bulgarian house in Bosilegrad, Serbia;
a photo from Vladimir Rizov’s personal archive on Facebook.

Written by Margarit Zhekov