The Bulgarian Field reorganization will be postponed to the autumn of next year because of the absence of the Field Vice President, and Bulgarian Field Committee is to fix a date for the reorganization which has to be coordinated with European Division, Pastor Dimitar Vlachkov, Bulgarian Field President, confirmed on December 11. 2022.

In the past, in the beginning of 90-s of the previous century, Bulgarian Missionary Field was, together with Serbia, Romania and Hungary, a part of Balkan Union under the leadership of Pastor Nayden Botcheff (1922-2003), however, today the Bulgarian Field belongs to European Division as a separate missionary field. Until November 10, 1989, pastors from Bulgarian Field could not take part in Christian events and conferences held in Western Europe, but after 1989, Pastor Botcheff participated, as Bulgarian Field delegate, in all World Assemblies of IMS, including partially in the World Assembly in Ellecom, Netherlands, in 2002.

Pastor Dimitar Vlachkov, together with (right to left) his nephew, Brother Velizar Vlachkov, the son of his second nephew (the knelt one) , Brother Victor Radunchev (1995-2022), his granddaughter, Sister Magdalena-Militsa Stoilkov, his wife, Sister Yanka Vlachkova, and his daughter, Sister Lidia Stoilkov; a photo from the personal archive of Pastor Dimitar Vlachkov on Facebook.

Written by Margarit Zhekov