One more soul, brother Jaime Salgado from Arizona, a brother in the faith of Jesus, was baptized on December 17, 2022, in Riverside, California, USA, by Pastor Joel Barnedo, Leader of Canvassing Department at IMS, sister Athai Ramirez, editor of American Union‘s newsletter from Valencia, California, USA, announced in an article in the February 2023 issue of American Union‘s newsletter.

As the only church member in this city, brother Jaime Salgado will try to establish a new local church of IMS in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and there are already fifteen interested souls as a result from his missionary work, sister Athai Ramirez added. Furthermore, shortly after brother Jaime Salgado‘s baptism, Pastor Joel Barnedo and brother José Sabaj traveled to the area where brother Jaime Salgado worked, in order to win souls through missionary efforts,  sister Athai Ramirez confirmed.

Brother Jaime Salgado together with his wife; a photo from the personal archive of brother Jaime Salgado on Facebook.

Written by Margarit Zhekov