27 souls were baptized in Uganda generally from November to December 2020, Mulatu Tekle, Uganda Field President at IMS, reported via e-mail in the first days of 2021. From October 2020, in the first year of its term of office, the leadership was able to finish reorganization of Churches and districts, to give seminars for all newly elected leaders, to ordain more elders and to open two new places where new Sabbath school branches were established. Despite of a series of challenges the Uganda Field experienced, including the administrative challenge as the main one, the majority of the baptized souls are from the Seventh Day Adventist church, including a pastor, an ordained elder and a Bible worker.

In addition, more than 15 souls are ready for baptism as a result of the last missionary effort which ended on December 30, 2020, Brother Tekle confirmed.

Leaders who represented Uganda Mission Field during the symposium in Tanzania, held in February 2020;
a photo from the Facebook-Site of Ugandan Field.

Written by Margarit Zhekov