The Good Samaritan Department at the IMS announced its projects for 2024, the German edition of the Sabbath Watchman revealed in its issue 2 for 2024. The program of the Good Samaritan Department comprises four projects in Latin America, seven projects in Africa and two projects in Europe, as well as funds for natural disasters (USD 10 000), medical and school education help (USD 10 000 each) and for orphans and widows in need (USD 20 000) worldwide. USD 15 000 are available for urgent cases worldwide as well.

The projects for Latin America plan for needed people USD 10 000 on behalf of Venezuela, USD 10 000  on behalf of Ecuador,  USD 10 000 on behalf of Peru, as well as USD 15 000 for school education of 100 children in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua (25 children from each country) and USD 5 000 support.

The projects for Africa foresee USD 4 000 for education of 15 children at the NewLis School in Kongo, USD 7 500 for the construction of a school building for more than 100 students in Benin and USD 5 000 for the school education of 20 students in the same country, as well as USD 5 000 for the construction of a water well, USD 5 000 for sponsorships (EUR 200 yearly per sponsorship)  on behalf of needed people and work projects in Tanzania, Liberia and Nigeria, apart from USD 5 000 for families in Nigeria suffering from wars between tribes and USD 1 500 for the soap production in a refugee camp in Uganda.

The financial amount of the aid for Italy (because of the financial crisis there) and for the Ukraine (because of Russia’s war of aggression there) is not fixed, however, every donation is acceptable. The contact person of the German Union regarding the donations is Brother Jens Mueller (at [email protected]; phone number 03445 792922).

Constructed church building in Colombia supported by the Good Samaritan Department; a photo by Good Samaritan Europa on Facebook.

Written by Margarit Zhekov