Ten souls, three sisters and seven brothers in the faith of Jesus, were baptized during a Christian youth camp which was held in Brazil from January, 17 to 21, 2024, under the motto “Non-negotiable”, Pastor Wesley Gomes who represented the Youth Department of the General Conference at the IMS at this event, confirmed in the beginning of this month. 150 visitors were present in the first days of the youth camp, while the audience from Friday to Sunday reached approximately 200 people. Four pastors, including Pastor Esaú Lopez, Vice President of the Brazilian Field, Pastor Pablo who works in Brazil, Pastor Lauro Vasconcelos, Pastor Adalicio Fontes who was on vacation in Brazil, and Pastor Wesley Gomes, as well as three consecrated elders, three missionaries and others collaborators attended the youth camp.

According to the program of the event, Pastor Wesley Gomes gave five lectures (one per day): the first one about the term “Non-negotiable”: about the importance of keeping our moral values and biblical principles; the second one under the title “Encourage the Youth”: about relationship and Christian coherence; the third one about Christian dating: on how, who and when to start a love relationship; the fourth one under the title “Non-negotiable Mercy”, preached on Sabbath, January 20, 2024: on the important Lord’s instruction not to play with God’s mercy; and the fifth one under the motto “The Life Project”: about the importance of making all the plans, projects and future initiatives with God. In addition, Pastor Adalicio Fontes and Pastor Lauro Vasconcelos presented one lecture each, while Sister Francisca, Health Department Leader of Brazilian Field, gave a speech on a health topic. And last, but not least: all the morning and evening services were dedicated to God’s guiding for the youth.

 Just before one of the baptisms: a photo by the Facebook site AJUR – Associação da juventude reformista.

Written by Margarit Zhekov