Sister White always expressed her full confidence in the brethren of the General Conference, and in her will she left the testimony transcripts in the custody of a Board of Trustees composed of General Conference men to carry on the work after her death.


This coincides with the blessing which Moses pronounced upon Israel prior to his death, as recorded in Deuteronomy 33. Nevertheless this blessing did not apply to those of that great multitude whose carcasses were strewn in the wilderness with all their unbelieving leaders.

Moses loved the people so much that he even stayed God’s punishment of total annihilation by desiring to have his own name blotted out with them if the sentence were executed. Sister White was no different. Her love for the cause, which was an integral part of herself, was deep and devoted. And at that time she had no real reason to distrust her brethren in America. Their testing time had not yet fully come, and she hoped for the best. But, strange as it may seem, she did not herself fully comprehend all the significant words the angel bade her write. Concerning this she said the following:

“Even the prophets who were favored with the special illumination of the Spirit, did not fully comprehend the import of the revelations committed to them. The meaning was to be unfolded from age to age, as the people of God should need the instruction therein contained.” – Great Controversy, p. 344.

“The prophets had made the statements, but the spiritual import of what they had written, was undiscovered by them. They did not see the meaning of the truth.” – Selected Messages, Book 1, p. 404.

But why were her manuscripts all entrusted to the leading men of the General Conference? A counter-question is in place: If the printing of the Bible were left to this Reform Movement alone, would we be able to accomplish this gigantic task? The answer is No, for we do not have the facilities. Even the large Adventist Church with all its facilities purchases its Bibles from the Bible societies outside the Adventist faith. We thank God for the White Estate and the Board of Trustees which supervise the printing of the Testimonies and all other Spirit of prophecy publications, which the Reform Movement would not be able to do. But here, too, a word of caution is in order. When books are compiled from different sources, the compilers may sometimes arrange them in a way that will influence minds in a wrong direction. We advise the readers of such compiled books, or any other works containing quotations from the Spirit of prophecy, including our own, to turn to the original sources and read the statements in their entire context, considering time and place as well.