The idea for the Shekinah Musical Institute originated with my brother, who, when recounting his testimony, stated: “In the first place, God put in me the desire to learn music with the purpose of serving in His church and being a light in all my classes. When I arrived at the university, God gave me the dream of opening a music school. When I took a school administration course, the desire to found a music school became stronger.”  Some years later, when I was in college, I took the same subject my brother had and was also given the assignment to plan  a music school. I told my brother about it and he told me about the project he had presented, which I found deeply interesting. Without hesitation, I decided to work on his project. We agreed that he would teach music and I would teach English. That is how, in October 2012, my brother was able to see his dream come true with the beginning of INMUS (Shekinah Musical Institute). We inagurated the institute with a piano and flute concert.

The presence of the Lord in our lives and in everything we do has always been important for us. This is why the name of the institute always gives glory to God because all gifts come from Him. Through the name “Shekinah” we remember the constant presence of God and our dependence on Him. Although it has not been an easy task to begin a school and we have faced various difficult situations, God has always provided the means to continue. The unconditional support of family and friends is always present and increases our desire to follow God always. We know that school is an effective method of witnessing to others about the wonderful light we have had the privilege of knowing, so through music and teaching we want to bring that light to all those who are around us. Something that motivates us greatly is to see the happy faces of adults and children who attend our music classes. Seeing them enjoy what they are learning at the institute encourages us to continue teaching them so that they, in the same way, serve God and their fellow men by developing their own God-given talents.

The inspired pen tells us: “Every faculty and every attribute with which the creator has endowed us must be used for his glory and for the ennoblement of our fellowmen and in this employment is the purest, noblest, and happiest occupation.“ Patriarchs and Prophets, page 595. Through musical teaching, with the help of God, we wish to be a light in this world darkened by sin, change minds and hearts, and lead them to appreciate the music which develops the intellect and elevates the spirit. God’s Word tells us in Isaiah 60: 1, “Arise, shine; because your light has come and the glory of the Lord has been born in you.” May the Lord help us to achieve the purpose for which we were created. May we never forget that we must impart the love we receive from Him, and in this way exert an influence of joy that is a blessing to all who are within our reach, and thus enlighten their paths.

by Berenice Ramos

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