Reformation Course

Dear Fellow Advent Believer,

Grace and peace be unto you. This course may well have a profound effect on your spiritual experience in the present truth of the three angels’ messages.

reformation study courseThis course has been prepared under much prayer and is sent to you in the fear of the Lord in the belief that what is offered here is of the greatest value to every sincere Seventh-day Adventist. Many things that may have puzzled you for a long time–questions that have remained unanswered–will find their solution in this study of the reformatory work which God calls for. We feel certain that as you progress in this course you will realize the great value of its contents.

To give you a fair idea as to the scope of the course, here are some of the highlights:
The 1888 Conference
The Remnant
Events after 1888
The Laodicean Message
Laodicea and the Shaking
The Angel of Revelation 18
The Christian and the War
The 144,000

Many instructive illustrations, pictures of Adventist pioneers, and photographs of important events are found throughout the course.

To those who conscientiously take the complete course, other important literature that is out of print and cannot be had from other sources will be available at nominal prices. The course itself is entirely free of charge.

We do not consider this study course a one-way street but sincerely hope that you will freely comment on the material as you answer the study questions that come with each lesson. Also, we welcome questions on reformation-related topics in general, which we shall attempt to answer to the best of our knowledge.

In doing this work, we firmly believe that we are fulfilling the will of God to present vital truths to God’s professed people in these last days. It is our sincere desire and prayer that these lessons will prove a rich blessing to you as you study and lead you to belong to the company of overcomers which will be ready to meet Christ at His return.