One more soul, a brother in the faith of Jesus, was baptized in Parets del Vallés, Barcelona, Spain, on October 29, 2022, during a Christian youth and music congress held there, the Facebook site SMI España announced on November 2, 2022. The newly baptized soul is Brother Gabriel Gomes, the son of Pastor Wesley Gomes who performed the baptism, SMI España confirmed.

Parets del Vallés, a town and municipality situated 23 km north of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain, in the south-west of the comarca of  Vallés Oriental, and 7 km from its capital Granollers, comprises an area of 8,98 km², and has approximately 16 000 inhabitants. Crossed by the Tenes river from north to south, the town makes use of an important forest and agricultural area shared among seven municipalities: Santa Maria de Gallecs.

Just before the baptism; a photo by SMI España.

Written by Margarit Zhekov