International Missionary Society

Seventh-day Adventist Church, Reform Movement
General Conference.

Primary Officers of the General Conference

Pr. Tzvetan Petkov


Pr. Humberto Avellaneda

Vice President

Pr. Douglas Francis

1st Secretary

Pr. Yony Delgado

2nd Secretary

Pr. Evance Mtikama


The primary officers of the General Conference are involved not just in planning but in hands-on daily operations. The advancement of God's work into new countries entails frequent contact, for representatives on the ground in each country face circumstances requiring great wisdom on every possible level–financial, administrative, and spiritual. Frequent phone calls and emails to and from officers and staff provide support in training, counsel, and assistance in decision making. In addition, these brethren travel frequently to lead delegates' meetings and elections, attend conferences, and participate in seminars.