General Conference World Assembly 2023 Registration

Registrations for the Coliseum are closed. The Coliseum is full. No more registrations for the Coliseum are possible.

Arrival and Departure Info Submission

Have the QR Code number ready which was sent to the email address you provided when paying for your Mandatory Coliseum Entrance Fee. If someone else registered you, the QR Code was sent to that person’s email address.
Enter the QR Code number.
Press the Search button (“Consultar”).
Enter your travel information. For English, please check the Glossary below.

Spanish English
Seleccione Eventos Choose Events
Código QR (Incluir guiones) QR Code (Include hyphens)
Consultar Search
Nombres Given Names
Apellidos Surnames
Celular Cell phone
Correo Email
Aerolinea Airline
Número de Vuelo Flight Number
Fecha de Llegada Arrival Date
Hora de Llegada Time of Arrival
Fecha de Retorno Return Date
Hora de Retorno Return Time
Destino final de llegada para recepción en aeropuerto Final Destination for Reception at Airport upon Arrival
[F9] [Guardar] [F9] [Save]

Note: If you did not get your QR Code:
Please check your Spam folder.
If you do not find it in the Spam folder, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information: full name, passport number, WhatsApp number and email address.

The brethren of the Peruvian Union look forward to seeing you!

If you would like someone to receive you at the Cajamarca or Lima airport, please register your flight information at the button below:

Please pay for your Hotel Transportation and Meals using the form below: