Since two weeks, some of the Christian churches that belong to the IMS of SDA – Reform movement in Bangladesh and are situated in the lower area of the country, suffer the consequences of a big flood disaster, Bishwanath Roy, Secretary and Vice President of Bangladesh Field, reported. At least 40 families and church members are already affected by the disaster. A church member’s mother is dead, many children and old people are undergoing medical treatment and domestic animals, such as cows, goats and poultry, are dead, while parts of the furniture in the affected homes are destroyed, Bishwanath Roy added. The affected Christians are in need of both financial support and our prayers, as all their crops have been destroyed, and this people are living in high places or on the streets, on the roof of their homes, under the open sky or on abandoned trains.

Earlier this month, the confirmed that, as a result of the flood disaster in South Asia, the number of the deaths is more than 100.

Written by Margarit Zhekov