Five souls, two brothers and three sisters in the faith of Jesus, were baptized on December 30, 2023, during a smooth Christian camp meeting held in the town of Aboaso, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, West Africa, Brother Abukari Sampson, Multimedia Department Leader of the Ghana Field, announced today, on January 31, 2024.

The  town of Aboaso, situated approximately 12 miles (19 km) northeast of the city of Kumasi, is known for the Gyeama Penson Secondary Technical School, a second cycle institution.

Ghana which comprises a territory of 239,567 km2 (92,497 sq mi) is with its more than 32 million inhabitants the second-most populous country in West Africa. The capital and the largest city of Ghana is Accra. On March 6, 1957, Ghana achieved its indepenpence within the British Commonwealth, and on July 1, 1960, after a referendum, the country was declared a republic.

Just before the baptism; a photo by the Ghana Field.

Written by Margarit Zhekov