The Sabbath Watchman–1919-1930

The Sabbath Watchman in English was first published in the United States in 1925. Unfortunately, some actual archive copies are missing from the physical folders. Those available reveal some of the early history, especially those issues that are translations of articles from the German Sabbat-Wächter. The German edition, with the name Wächter der Wahrheit,was first published in 1919 and continued for six years until the movement was more fully organized, consolidated its resources, and established its first official Principles of Faith and Church By-Laws in 1925.”

The Sabbath Watchman–1931-1940

The decade of the 1930s reveals the story of the development of the work in the United States. The Sabbath Watchman also contains reports of developments of the work in other parts of the world, especially in Europe and in Germany. Some issues are missing pages.

The Sabbath Watchman–1941-1950

The Sabbath Watchman in the 1940s reflected conditions in the church during World War II and its aftermath. There were actual, everyday examples of the Reform Movement’s correctness in its stand with regard to military service and government relations. Prayer for those who were caught in the strife between nations was earnest and ongoing.

The Sabbath Watchman–1951-1960

Issues of The Sabbath Watchman in the period from 1951 to 1960 reflect relative stability and outreach to more countries.

The Sabbath Watchman–1961-1970

In the 1960s, even while nations continued to go to war, there were many opportunities to preach the gospel and extend the banner of the cross, even to Africa and Asia.

The Sabbath Watchman–1971-1980

In the 1970s, particularly in the American Union, there was a push to expand the publishing work. It was at this time that the Reformation Study Course was produced and sent to Adventist workers all around the world. The Sabbath Watchman was even produced monthly part of the time.

The Sabbath Watchman–1981-1990

The Sabbath Watchman issues shown here were managed primarily by the publishing house of the American Union (Religious Liberty Publishing Assn.), and this was true for the previous decades as well.

The Sabbath Watchman–1991-2000

Although the German Sabbat-Wächter had been published by the German Union with support from the General Conference, the 1990s saw the push for the General Conference to assume responsibility for the official organ of the church as an international body.

The Sabbath Watchman–2001-2010

In the period from 2001 to 2010, The Sabbath Watchman was published occasionally by the General Conference and consistently by individual Unions, especially the German Union and the Netherlands Field.

The Sabbath Watchman–2011-2020

At the 2012 General Conference Assembly in South Africa, the General Conference Publishing Department was encouraged to maintain the regular publication of The Sabbath Watchman. Since then, the publication has had a more prominent role in the dissemination of spiritual topics and news for the churches and individuals around the world. The most recent issues of The Sabbath Watchman are located under the Publications tab.

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